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honestly though guys, no matter what happens, we’re all so lucky.

we’re part of the most wonderful fanbase ever, the boys have done amazing stuff and will continue to do so, we’ve made it all through the drama, we’ve been together through thick and thin and not once have we lost faith in the boys or have them lose faith in us.

i basically just wanted to say thank you to you all from being so lovely. like max said, we’re family. we’re gonna make it through this, and i’d like to think that we can all support each other. 

and whenever you feel that things are getting tough, just remember that they wrote ‘i’ll be your strength’ for us.

but whatever happens, do not doubt them and remember that we all have each other. we are fanmily.


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it’s kind of sad that i feel more comfort in a band than i do with my own family

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i never use this anymore omg message me if you want my other blog that i actually use

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writing “sorry” at the bottom of your math test

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Who likes mah’ love story? (Taken with Instagram)


Who likes mah’ love story? (Taken with Instagram)

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my mom just came into my room and said good night to my dog and left 

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  • me: *steps outside*
  • me: where can i lower the brightness
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I read this in his voice, aw.


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